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Greg RogersC. Gregory Rogers (a nationally recognized environmental lawyer/accountant) founded Advanced Environmental Dimensions in 2005 in the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley to promote the advancement of best practices in environmental accounting and disclosure.

In 2015, Mr. Rogers co-founded Eratosthenes, a specialized research and consulting firm with expertise in the financial estimation, reporting and management of environmental liabilities and risks. Eratosthenes' key areas of focus are financial quantification, accounting and disclosure, internal control, financial assurance, asset retirement planning, insurance underwriting and pricing. Many of these issues come into focus during or immediately prior to corporate bankruptcies. Click here to learn more about Eratosthenes.

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BP estimates all remaining material Deepwater Horizon liabilities

14 July 2016

Deepwater HorizonBP announced today that following significant progress in resolving outstanding claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon accident and oil spill, it can now reliably estimate all of its remaining material liabilities in connection with the incident.

As a result, taking into account this estimate together with other positive tax adjustments, BP expects to take an after-tax non-operating charge of around $2.5 billion in its second quarter 2016 results.

This charge is expected to include a pre-tax non-operating charge associated with the oil spill of around $5.2 billion. This would bring the total cumulative pre-tax charge relating to the Deepwater Horizon incident to $61.6 billion or $44.0 billion after tax.




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